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For Sellers

Service is what makes a world of difference. With all the new technological inventions and gadgets, selling Real Estate is still a people business.

You pay no up front costs for my services! So you can bet that I will work hard to get your home sold, for as much as this market will possibly bear. I will also work within your time frame and your needs. In every transaction I make sure that I can personally take care of the compound process of selling your home from beginning till close of escrow! Your objectives are my objectives.

I will provide you with the most effective services available. As your marketing specialist, I guarantee my plan will be put into action immediately and followed through consistently until your property is sold.

I am so committed to meeting your sales objectives in a professional and pleasing manner, that I am willing to put my guarantee in writing. If I don’t act according to the agreed Plan, you may cancel the listing agreement.



First Impressions

With some effort on your part, your home may sell more quickly and bring a better price. These 19 tips have helped others get their property ready to show. I hope they will be of value to you.


1. First impressions are lasting. The front door greets prospects. Make sure it is clean and polished-looking. Keep lawn trimmed, edged and free of refuse.

2. Apply fresh paint and polish. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal. Don’t make your prospects guess how your home could look – show them by painting walls and ceilings. Decorator touches, such as wallpaper and mirrors, may enhance the living space.

3. Let the sun shine in! Clean windows, open draperies/curtains and let prospects see how cheerful your home can be.

4. Fix leaky faucets. Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty plumbing.

5. Repairs can make a big difference. Loose knobs, sticking doors/windows, warped cabinet drawers and minor flaws detract from the home’s value. Have them fixed.

6. Bathrooms can help sell a home. Check and repair caulking in tubs and showers. Make the bathrooms sparkle!

7. Safety first! Keep stairways clean. Avoid a cluttered appearance and possible injuries.

8. Don’t overlook the closets. This could be a great time to donate or have a garage sale and clean out your closets. Neat, well-ordered closets appear more spacious and inviting.

9. Arrainge bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture. Use attractive bedspreads and freshly laundered curtains.

10. Can you see the light? Illumination is like a welcome sign. Potential buyers will feel a growing warmth when all lights are on for an evening showing.



1. Three’s a crowd. Avoid having too many people present during showings. Prospects may feel they are intruding and hurry through the house.

2. Pets underfot? Keep them out of the way – preferably out of the house.

3. “Silence is golden.” Be courteous but avoid conversations. Allow your Realtor to respond to the buyers’ questions.

4. “Be it ever so humble.” Never apologize for the appearance of your home. Let the trained salesperson answer any objections.

5. In the background… The real estate agent knows the buyer’s requirements and can better emphasize the features of your home when you don’t accompany the tour. You will be called when needed.

6. Why put the cart before the horse? Trying to dispose of furniture and furnishings to potential buyers before they have purchased the house often loses a sale.

7. A word to the wise. Let your Realtor discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the buyers. Realtors are eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.